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Prostate Cancer page.

This site is not meant for medical advice you need to use it along with your doctors treatments. Some people have seen positive results with this information and some of the products talked about on this site. We cannot make any guarantees of a cure for any diseases or cancer, you can try and see how it will help you.

 It has been said as a man if you live long enought you will get prostate cancer. 

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*Individual results vary.

Let me tell you my story. You may watch my video below if you want to so you wont have to read this. I am Jeff I have shared all the information with the men below and now I have had prostate cancer myself. I found out I had prostate cancer in 2014 and had to have surgery in Jan of 2015. I ended up back in the hospital with a septic infection and trying to stay alive. They but me back in the hostpital on Friday for a procedure Friday night. That is when it hit the fan or as some might say I was up a creek without a paddle.  Now I am leaking urine, bleeding and can't ride my motorcycle or drive my car much. I quess, for the sake of being honest and letting you know what you might be in for, my days of getting a erection are OVER and I hate it but I am still alive. Let me from a person who has been in your shoes tell you right off the bat get the tea and try it.  I had a fast growing cancer that filled up my prostate every sample they took had cancer in it.  Along with using the tea you need to use my coaching service to add other ideas and transformation to help you win the battle of this prostate cancer. You need to be informed of all that is out there and to use everything in your power to win the battle of prostate cancer and come out still being able to make love or having sex which every your want to call it. I am going to be honest with you some more here.  I was a 54 year old man that still got erections in the middle of the night like I did when I was 17, 18 or 19 and now I can't do squat.  Yeah they have therapy you can do but it makes me bleed and you can't get a good erection with it. Women say it doesn't matter if you can't make love there is more to life than making love but when it comes down to it women miss it too.  Love making is not the glue that holds a couple together it is what it is the act of being together that keeps them together.  Oh yes they have the pill but it is not as good as a natural erection.  Yeah you can give yourself the shot with a niddle in your penis to get a erection but that is painful and it can deform your penis. 

Don't put it off call me for a cancer coaching program and to get the tea.

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Jeffs Story of prostate cancer. He had a fast growing agressive prostate cancer which was in all 12 samples of his prostate. 

*Earsley Prostate cancer gone and the PSA count was 37 now it is 0.. I am getting my sex life back to.  Bad for Erectile dysfunction. 

*Aundray used it because he had to quite making love it didn't work any more at all now it is working.

*Dan used it and it started making him wake up in the night with a hard on.  

*A 70 year old man try them to see if it would help him and he is getting a hard on now. It was the best thing no shots, no worrying about it lasting longer than 4 hours and killing your penis or draining the blood from your dick with a needle.

*Liquor store owner. I had prostate cancer. My doctor gave me six months. I took the tea as well as several other natural cures. My prostate cancer is gone.

*Paul: I took the tea for prostate cancer. Under doctor’s order’s I was given chemotherapy. I also took the tea, and as a result the PSA rating went down below zero (0). I took the combination for 16 months and when it held below zero I quit the chemotherapy. I have been continuing to take the tea.

*Meet George who dealt with prostate cancer and listen to his story of how this helped him. 

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One pack of UL DE Tea is $57.00 people have seen a positive reaction in as little as a week with this tea. Keep in mind that some people's skin cancer shows no signs with just one pack of this UL DE TEA. 

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*Earsley : has dealt with prostate cancer also listen to what he has to say. 

*Roscoe: I had prostate cancer and non-hoskin lymphoma and was taken chemo and radiation along with the tea. I believe the tea helped me a lot and am recommending it to anyone willing to try it. Roscoe is still surviving the cancer after 10 years and is still being able to make love.

Order this tea and reduce the risk of losing your sex life with the radiation and the prostate cancer surgery. Order 2 or more packs to give you a good start at battling cancer or having better health.

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Yes that is right some people's cancer has been gone with just 2 packs of this tea.  Some cancer's take a little longer. Liver cancer gone in two weeks. That is with this tea and with some other products that Jeff recommended. Jeff has researched cancer for 21 years now.

Here is a video of a person that used this tea. Watch the whales then listen to her story.


 Call to talk with him today.  615-799-0994  Cell 615-319-4139

Get two packs of the UL DE Tea that is hand made with mostly organic herbs and with 9 different herbs instead of 4 .

This tea is 5 times more potent than other teas:

1. hand measure for each pack,

2 more herbs than called  for,

3. one extra herb added, 

4. Organic where possible

5 all powder, tea plus all the herbs nothing goes in the garbage. 

Buy one pack of UL DE Tea  for $57.00   See how it will help you. 

About a two weeks supply depending on how you take. it.

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Two packs of tea for $114.00  and a free e-file book for no charge . 

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What you will learn in the consultation:

1. What cancer is how it gets started?

2. How to quite feeding the cancer

3. How to try to kill the cancer by getting at the cause not the symptom.

4. How to use food to build your immune system.

5. Different products to help win the battle of cancer.

6. You will learn 13 vital principles to live by to help keep the cancer gone. 

*Jeff's consultation runs about 110.00 dollars but for that one hundred ten dollars some people’s cancer has been gone in a week.    Some of the information Jeff shares helped 1000's of people win their cancer battling. 

Remember that Jeff is not a doctor he does not diagnosis or prescribe he just educates about what causes cancer and how to help stop it from growing and helps you to get at the cause of the cancer.

Use the information Jeff shares along with the Doctors and help increase your chance of survival. 

20 Reason to use Coach Jeff for your cancer battle plan or over all better health

Use Him along with your doctor’s treatments and advice.

· Focus on cancer battle plan

· Supports oncologists’ advice

· Improves quality of life

· Reduces risk of recurrences

· Formulates healthy cancer plan

· Reduces long-term side effects

· Shares healthy cancer nutrition

· Use 20 years of cancer research

· Does not diagnosis or prescribe

· Teaches healthy cancer principles

· Tolerate chemo & radiation better

· Helps stop feeding the cancer

· Helps keep strength and energy

· Feeling overwhelmed and scared

· Helps heal & recover faster

· Gives hope for survival

· Increases your chance to survive

· 20 year brain cancer survivor story among many others

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Don't waste your time waiting for your treatment to start! Get started on this right away! Order now! Your cancer could be gone before you start treatments. Many others’ cancer has been reducing before they start the treatments and the doctor decides to wait with the treatments to see how things will transpire.

Start on this program today.

Our Tea packets are packaged by hand not in a big container then divided into smaller pack.  Yes that is right each ingredient is hand measured then put in each packet. That way you know you get the true amount you need.

Our UL DE Tea is made extra potent. Each tea packet should make 2 quarts and you take 2 oz. at a time two to three times a day maybe 4 times a day if you are fighting cancer or other health issues.  Many people have been helped with this tea. Our cancer doctor told us to try it what harm would it do?

Don't fall into these excuses I have heard from folks
1. I just want to go in, take the cancer out, and go on with my life.
2. I want to do the consultation, but my family doesn’t want me to. 
3. I don't want you to make money off me. 
4. I just want to use conventional medicine to fight the cancer. 
5. I want to die and go be with my mom/loved one. 
6. I just don't have the funds right now. 
7. I want to wait and see how things work with the medical treatments. 
8. I only want to do what the doctor says.

Whatever your reason or excuse, just use the 13 principles given in the consultation to help increase your chance of survival.  Jeff has seen people with their treatment not working and then after adding this program, they started winning the battle – the signs of cancer now gone. 
Jeff’s research could be adding just what the doctor ordered to help you win the 
battle over cancer or whatever health issues you have. 

Add these 13 Practical Health Principles to your agenda for winning your health battle 

Check your PSA Count every year after 35 years old. Many men are getting prostate cancer earlier now.

Order this tea today to use it before chemotherapy Starts so you can possibly avoid the chemotherapy treatments.  Don't wait till you have lost your ability to have sex or make love.         Try this before to see if it will help you avoid the risk of loosing you battle and your sex life.