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We make no claim that this will cure any diseases and it is not meant as medical advice. Use this and see how it will help you. IT is a detoxing tea only. This site is not meant for medical advice use it along with your doctors treatments.  We cannot make any guarantee that this will cure any diseases.

*Individual results vary.

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ONE Pack of UL DE TEA to make one quart is $35.00 

One pack to make 2 quarts UL DE Tea is $57.00 people have seen a positive reaction in as little as a week with this tea Save you $13.00.  

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Cancer UL DE Tea    

*Bonnie Freeman a Liver cancer patient has used this information and has seen a difference in her
energy and the pain in her sided in a 2 week period. She has also put on 10 pounds for which she is
very thankful by the end of the 4 week. When she went back to her doctors office 3 months later he
did not recognize her because she looked so much better.

*Sheryl a throat cancer survivor tells her story.


Most  trusted, must valuable therapy for cancer with 1000's of cancer stories. Get your pack today and see how your health will improve from this valuable high quality cleansing tea.  DR.  Brush says: " .... tea is a cure for cancer period."  Get your pack today don't wait. 

Order one pack of tea for $57.00 click on the button below or go down father on the web page and order two packs for $114.00.00 and get the e file book for no charge.  Get  package to make 2 quarts and save 13.00

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Our Tea packets are packaged by hand not in a big container then divided into smaller pack.  Yes that is right each ingredient is hand measured then put in each packet. That way you know you get the true amount you need.

Our UL DE Tea is made extra potent. Each tea packet should make 2 quarts and you take 2 oz. at a time two to three times a day maybe 4 times a day if you are fighting  cancer or other health issues.  Many people have been helped with this tea. Our cancer doctor told us to try it what harm would it do.

*Dr. Julian Witaker  "...if he had cancer....he would take ... Tea (UL DE Tea)."*

Take this tea along with your doctors treatments or by itself. Many people start using this before they start chemotherapy or radiation treatments and find that when they go to start the treatments if they have been on this a while (as little as a week) they may not need the chemo or radiation treatments.  

 Use this to help keep the cancer from coming back.

Call to order 615-319-4139. . Order on the phone with a credit card.

One pack of UL DE Tea is $57.00 people have seen a positive reaction in as little as a week with this tea.  Click the button below through Paypal.

This UL DE Tea detoxing tea is hand measure with all powder so it has double potency. 

One Doctor in Mississippi is sending his cancer patients to me where we work together to help with the cancer and other illnesses.

Wow call to talk with him today.   615-319-4139 or text

*Jerry: Found my information and called me about his dad who was suffering from lung cancer. He had gone home and had gone back to the hospital for a chemo therapy treatment and they wanted to give him a new type of treatment to see how it would work for him. The doctor at the hospital tried it on him and the nurse overdose him on chemo therapy. He had to go into the hospital to flush out the chemo therapy chemical. Jerry was very upset because they knew that his dad could not deal with the chemo therapy treatments very well. His dad was in the hospital and Jerry was taking him some of the tea in the hospital, and the doctor's could not figure out why he was getting better. He continued to give his dad the tea, increasing his good health , an increasing the doctors curiosity as to why he was getting better. His dad was walking around the hospital and very much better. His energy was coming back and he was ready to go home. The doctor sent him home with hospice. (Hospice is a program that will take care of terminally ill patients at no cost to the patient or the family. There stipulation is that they have a certain amount of time to take care of you family member, so sometime in the allotted time you know they will die. The question remains as to whether someone dies prematurely, or dies an would not die at all. The family have to sign papers for this arrangement. ) Well Jerry’s dad he believes was killed prematurely. He was fine in the hospital when Jerry left him then they sent him home with hospice and a IV in his arm. When the ambulance brought him home he was disoriented and on a morphine drip Jerry took the IV out and stop the meds, in about an hour his dad was up walking around eating and talking and doing great. The hospice nurse came in and pitch a fit because the morphine drip was out and he was up an about. Jerry told him that they did not believe in killing there dad with morphine and by euthanasia. The hospice nurse was really upset because that goes against their protocol. They only have a certain amount of time with each patient. Jerry persisted and the I V was left out; his dad continued to progress and he told Jerry that he was going to spread the word to help people with cancer so some people would not have to go through what he had been through. Jerry’s dad was doing so good he decided to go ahead and keep his vacation plans. He went on vacation and in three days his sister called him an told him he had to come home that the hospice nurse had put the IV morphine drip back in their dad. Jerry’s dad was dead in three days. I put this story in here so I could help you with one idea, and that is. Please read what you sign. Make sure you understand what you sign. Keep a watch on the meds that you receive. If you decide you want to do the study with us on cancer you need to tell us if you are under hospice care. We can still talk with you but we will not put you in the study. Because we realize what hospice is an that is they only have a certain amount of time to serve each patient and that is it. With hospice there is only on outcome.

*Krista: Krista called me one morning at 5 O’clock in the morning all frantic talking to me about her mom an pancreatic cancer. Yes I answer her call at that time in the morning. Her mom had read my information and was open to use the information and wanted some of the cleansing tea. She had already started doing some of the other 13 practical principles and want to see me to get some of my hand measured cleansing herbal Essiac tea. She used it along with her chemo therapy treatment and found that after three of her treatments the doctor told her the cancer was gone. She didn’t need anymore treatments an her blood disease was the best it had ever been.

*Ophelia Seifert: Ophelia saw me in an interview with Sharon Puckett a news caster on channel 4 at noon. She dealt with breast cancer six times and was dealing with it again. She contacted me to talk with me an to use the 13 practical principles to help deal with her cancer this time. She used the tea along with some of the vitamins and minerals we talked about. Her cancer was gone and she was sharing the information an the tea with a friend that dealt with diabetes and his sugar count was down to a safe range. She has continued to call to keep cleansing her body to help keep cancer free.
I have worked with people with different kinds of cancers. The first thing I tell them is that I am not a doctor I cannot diagnosis or prescribe for cancer I can just help to educate them an then they can use the information I talk with them about and see if it will help them. I would be glad to talk to you if you would like to me go to the contact page in the back and contact me.

*Barbra: This lady had liver cancer and was taking my tea and doing some of the 13 principles she was doing good. She would do everything that some one would talk to her about. Doing two or there different types of Cleanse at one time. The last time I talked with her on the phone I told her to stop using my tea because she was detoxing her body with to any products..
I have said it before and I will say it again there are a lot of good things out to help fight the cancer and other illnesses you may use some of these or use mine. Just don’t detox your body to fast because it could make you worse or even kill you.
I will tell you that not all of the people I have talked with have survived the cancer some have gotten better then it came back. Some with hospice have died. Some I have met with face to face and they are doing some of what we talked about but they're not doing all or not using the tea and they make up a excuse as to why they are not doing it.

 Call with your order 615-319-4139. We can't guarantee that this will cure any illness because the FDA won't allow it..

Yes that is right some people's cancer has been gone with just 2 packs of this tea.  Some cancer's take a little longer. Liver cancer gone in two weeks. That is with this tea and with some other products that Jeff recommended. Jeff has researched cancer for 13 years now. The information he shared with people and their cancer was gone in as little as a week.  Liver cancer gone in two weeks.

Get two packs of the UL DE Tea that is hand made with mostly organic herbs and with 9 different herbs instead of 4 .  This tea is 5 times more potent than most teas:  1 hand measure for each pack, 2 more herbs than called  for, 3 one extra herb added, 4 organic where available, 5 all powder, tea plus all the herbs nothing goes in the garbage. 

Two packs of tea for $114.00  and a free e-file book for no charge .

Order this tea today to use it before chemotherapy starts so you can possibly avoid the chemotherapy treatments.

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Dosage: Adult take 2 oz. in morning on empty stomach and 2 oz. in evening before bed time on and empty stomach. If your are fighting cancer you may take it 4 times a day. Before you eat 3 times on a empty stomach and at bed time. Child’s dosage 1 oz. with 1oz. of distilled water.

Warning do not use if using prescription heart medicines. As always check with your doctor when on any prescription medication. Keep out of reach of children.

Brewing instructions:

What you will need for two quarts of tea.

Aliments it helps:  Diabetes, Cancer, Allergies, Asthma, Acid Reflux, This is good or whatever ails you.

This Ul De Tea is based on the formula of Essiac Tea, however with the research we have done we have added one more herb to help make it more effective. We also use the eight herbs to start with to make the tea more potent.

Dr. Brusch Medical Letter

These are some quotes from the letter that Dr. Brush sent:

*"This ..... formula was used for the treatment of cancer and was also researched by numerous doctors who treated thousands of patients. These treatments have been documented by doctors, by individuals who have been cured, and by members of patient’s families who can testify to the effects of the tea. Documentation included many cases, including a history of the physical examination, laboratory findings, x-rays, clinical findings, and progress notes.

*"The research program at Brush Medical Center was carried on by Rene Caisse and myself, Director of Research; by Dr. Charles McClure, former Professor of Gastroenterology and Research at Boston University Medical School and Peter B. Brigham Hospital, a member of Who’s Who in the World of Medicine; by Dr. P. Pappas, former professor of Urology at Tufts Medical School, affiliated with New England Medical Center; and by Dr. George Ceresia, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, Albany School of Chemistry, affiliated with Union University Schenectady, New York.

*"Whenever a patient was referred to us, we always obtained a history of past treatments, and when possible, we would send to the doctor concerned a history of results obtained at Brush Medical

*Center. Oftentimes, when patients returned to their home towns or states, the attending doctors would send us progress notes.

*"At one period of experimentation, we also used a double-blind study in which we used other herb formulas, all of which proved to be inferior to the tea. In some cases we used medication in the form of tablets or placebos, with no results.

*"We had no grants given to us; all studies, including those done in two different countries, in different laboratories, by different doctors, were conducted with strictly ethical procedures, and everything could be re-checked.

*"The results we obtained with thousands of patients of various races, sexes, and ages and with all types of cancer definitely prove the tea  to be a cure for cancer. All studies done in four laboratories in the United States and one or more in Canada fortify this claim.

*". . . I have witnessed in my clinic, and know of many other cases where the tea was the therapy used, a treatment that brings about restoration through destroying the tumor tissue and improving the mental outlook, which re-establishes physiological function.

*"I endorse this therapy even today, for I have, in fact, cured my own cancer, the original site of which was the lower bowel, through the tea alone. I have taken the tea  every day since my diagnosis (1984), and my recent examination has given me a clean bill of health."

Don't waste you time waiting, for your treatments, get started on this right away order now! Your cancer could be gone before you start treatments.

Order this tea today on the phone or click the button below for 2 tea packs. $57 dollars a tea pack but when cancer and other health issues are gone in a week it is more valuable than gold.  Or call to order over the phone. 615-319-4139

Two pack of tea for $114.00  and a free e-file book for no charge . 

Click here to go to our shopping page. 

    Text your phone number to 615-319-4139 and request a call to order the supplement or the tea. 

Some Doctors get Jeff to assist them with their patients who are dealing with cancer, and they work as a team to beat the cancer.

Call Jeff today for a appointment to have a valuable consultation with him.  One man spent 750.000 dollars of his own money and he still lost his battle. One hundred dollars for saving your life is nothing.

Have a consultation with Jeff or rep and put Jeff's 21 years of cancer research to work for you. Talk about the Double Barrel Shotgun approach to cancer. The consultation is 100 dollars. Here how people sent home to die have survived with the Double Barrel Shotgun approach. Click the button below to get Jeff's 21 years of knowledge he has gather to help kill cancer.

Many doctors from the U.S. and Canada who where skeptical of the tea would show up at the clinic to observe the work, the records, and the treatments, as well as the patients.

Quote from Doctor Benjamin Lesslie Guyatt, M.D., a curator for the University of Toronto's anatomy department:

*"In most cases, distorted countenances became normal, and the pain reduced as treatment proceeded. The relief from pain is a notable feature, as pain in these cases is very difficult to control. On checking authentic cancer cases, it was found that hemorrhage was rapidly brought under control in many difficult cases; open lesions of lip and breast responded to treatment; cancer of the cervix, rectum, and bladder have been caused to disappear; and patients with cancer of the stomach diagnosed by reputable physicians and surgeons have returned to normal activity.

*"I do know that I have witnessed in this clinic a treatment which brings about restoration through destroying the tumor tissues and supplying something which improves the mental outlook on lives and facilitates re-establishment of physiological function."

*Quote from Dr. Richard Leonardo, coroner of Rochester, New York. He was one of the most skeptical doctors to visit the clinic. He had written numerous books on the subject of cancer and was a specialist.

This is what he told Rene: He said he didn't believe she had any remedy. According to Rene, "after he talked to the patients he said, ‘You're doing them good, but it's your personality and the hope you offer them!’ He took his time talking to patients and other doctors. Then just before he left, he sat down on my couch and said, ‘The medical profession isn't going to let you do this to me. I spent seven years in medical school, and I've written books.’

*"He told me that if my treatment of a simple tea was accepted, he'd have to go home and tear up his books and discard his surgical instruments. I was pleased that he was impressed, because when he came he was so skeptical."

Quote from skeptical Dr. Emma Carson from California.

*"I firmly resolved that my investigation be based on unprejudiced judgment. The vast majority of Miss Caisse's patients were brought to her after surgery, radium,  emplastrums, etc. had failed to be helpful, and the patients were pronounced incurable or hopeless cases. The progress obtainable and the actual results from the Essiac treatments and the rapidity of the repair were absolutely marvelous, and must be seen to be believed. My skepticism neither yielded nor became subdued by the hopes and faith so definitely expressed by the patients and their friends.


Call with your order 615-319-4139.

This UL DE Tea tea is helpful to many people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, and Alzheimer's. It appears UL DE Tea actions to rid our body of heavy metals, detoxify the body, restore energy levels, and heal the immune system, all act to restore the body to a level to where it is able to defeat the illnesses. UL DE Tea helps rebuild the immune system and improves the ability of the body so that it can then rid itself of the illness.


Call to order 2 Packets of Tea and get the

E-file book for no Charge.

Call now  615-319-4139

Order this for prostate cancer today don't risk your ability to make love.


UL   DE Tea And Aids: Dr. Gary Glum work with a aids project in Los Angeles. The 179 aids patients the project sent home to die had pneumocystis carinii and histoplasmosis. Their cell count was less than 10 and their weight was down. Dr. Glum took five of these patients to work with them with the tea. He took them off AZT and had them take 2oz. of tea three times a day. After all the other patients had died the five on the  tea were alive and well and eating three meals a day, exercising, their weight back to normal, and they didn’t appear to have been ill.


Endorsed by Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. Dr. Julian Whitaker has a informative newsletter named Health & Healing. In His November 1995 issue he has and article titled "What I would do if I had cancer". He state that if he had cancer, he personally would follow a regimen which included changing his diet, taking the nutritional supplements Vitamin C, Shark Cartilage, CoenzymeQ10, and he would take UL DE  Tea.

Click on the email with the health issues that you deal with for more specific information on the subject. Email this page to a friend.

Discover 13 Vital Practical Principles to help Fight and reduce your risk of cancer. Book
“Jeff’s Cancer survival Story” is a unique book that is packed full of vital information for everyone who is either striving to improve their health or battling a specific disease.

*This site is not meant for medical advice you need to use it along with your doctors treatments. Some people have seen positive results with this information and some of the products talked about on this site. We cannot make any guarantees of a cure for any diseases or cancer, you can try and see how it will help you.


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