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1 pack of UL DE TEA to make 2 quarts.
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ULDeTea pills
UL DE TEA Pills 30
UL DE TEA Pills, 30 pack of pills.
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2 Packs of UL DE TEA with e-book
There are two packs of UL DE TEA to help detox your body and to purify the blood.
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13 Practical Principles to Fight Cancer.
13 Practical Principles to help Fight cancer e-book get it today and download it today.
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10 Day De Tox Program
This is a 10 day de tox program that you will get information to help detox the body of the toxins in your body. This program includes a package of pills to help detox the body for you to take along with the personal assistance to lifestyle choices to help clean the toxins out of your body. You will also get some daily encouragement and can email or join the face book group to share and encouragement from others. This program will help make your health better in a lot of ways try it to see how it will help you. For less than the price of some cups of coffee or two soda's you can strat your way to better health. Start this program today or the 21 day detox program.
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20 Day Detox program
This 20 day detox program includes the pack of UL De Tea that makes two quarts of tea and you only take 2 ounces at bed time on a empty stomach or you can take it twice a day for 15 days. You will also get personal assistance with healthy lifestye choices for 30 minutes to help you achieve your lefe of better health and happiness.
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Consultation for 30 minutes
You get 30 minutes of consultation with a Jeff who has been coaching people with cancer for 20 years. LIver cancer brain cancer folks who where sent home to die and are still alive. Use this along with your doctors advice and treatments to hlep increase your chance to survive. Plus you get a one quart pack of UL DE TEA along with the 13 Principles to Fight Cancer E-file book.
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UL DE TEA Pack + UL DE TEA Pills
You Get both the UL DE TEA pack pluse the UL DE TEA Pills pack and save 30 dollars. Plus you get the E-File book for no charge. The pills are great for you you are away from home you can take one pill with water.
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Pau d' Arco
This is a product that was used to copy to make chemotherapy to help fight cancer. It has a lot of healthy affects on the body and one is to help fight cancer. Use this along with the UL DE TEA. I used this along with my cancer treatments when I found out about it.
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